GA4GH Clinical & Phenotypic Data Capture & Exchange

The “Clinical & Phenotypic Data Capture & Exchange” (GA4GH::CP) Work Stream is one of the elements of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH), aimed at developing standard formats for the exchange of genomic data for research and biomedical applications. All members of this team must follow the GA4GH Standards of Professional Conduct.

The current focus of Clin/Pheno Work Stream lies in establishing best practice guidelines for use of phenotype ontologies and terminologies in clinical & research settings, and in supporting the creation of information models for the exchange of clinical and genomic information.

Work Stream Leads:

The workstream has three subgroups, focussing on different aspects of the mission:

Data Representation & Interoperability


Data Exchange & Interoperability


Implementation, Education & Engagement


Technical Programme Manager